Coating Thickness Gauge In Bangladesh

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Model : AS930
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Quick Details –

 Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: Smart Sensor / OEM

Model Number: AS930

Certification: CE FCC certification

Measuring range: : 0~1800μm

Measuring Principle: Magnetic Induction

Accuracy: ±(3%±1μm)

Resolution: 0.1μm / 1μm

Technical parameter: Technical index

Operation current Around: 14mA

Auto off: After 1 min. haven’t manipulated

Operation temperature: 0~40℃

Operation humidity: 10~95% RH

SMART SENSOR film coating thickness gauge, This product using magnetic induction thickness measurement method, the thickness equipment specially designed to perform small, fast, accurate and non-destructive thickness measurement of coating and plating on steel magnetic conductor. it is widely used on manufacturing, workshop, chemistry or quality measuring range.


1. Easy- to- read LCD direct display measurement value and status.
2. Using Hi- sensibility sensor for precise measure.
3. Zero, Two Point, Basic correction, three different calibration modes for quick and easy to process the system tolerance
4. Single, continually and difference, three different measure mode.
5. Result data can record, check and delete into the unit memory.
6. The Instruments can do some simple data analysis, like maximum, minimum, mean, AVG & DFR Measuring standard deviation and measure times.
7.Alarm Buzzer notice function.
8.Unit can convert between the metric system and British system.
9.Low Battery notice function.
10.Auto power off function.
11.LCD backlight function.
12.Simple, compact structure and portable.


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