Digital hot plate magnetic stirrer mixer

৳ 18,500

Price : 18500
Warranty Period : One Year
Model : MS300
Stock : In Stock
Origin : Taiwan
Accessories : Available
Brand : NB
Product : Available
Delivery Charge : 300

MS-300 Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer

Hotplate magnetic stirrer, adjustable stirring time, maximum heating temperature up to 300°C.

Features :

• High-performance hotplate magnetic stirrer comes with a temperature probe.
• Large LCD display clearly shows the timer, temperature and running status.
• Automatic constant temperature through a connected sensor.
• 1 point offset calibration ensures the accurate temperature control.
• Push-button speed control effectively avoids that the hot-liquids hurt the operator.
• Adjustable heating temperature, stirring times and speeds.

Optional Accessories

Description TP-100P

Temperature Probe

Special-purpose temperature sensor

Stir Bar PTEF, 30(L)×7(Dia.)mm



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