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Price : 1250 BDT
Warranty Period : No Warranty
Model : SM-830
Stock : In Stock
Origin : Singapore
Discount : No
Accessories : Available
Brand : Suja
Product : Available
Delivery Charge : 200 BDT

  • ‘Mode’ Botton
  • Press ‘Mode’ button once, indoor humidity and temperature will be switched.
  • Press ‘Mode’ continuously, the meter enters into the mode for date format setting
  • Press ‘min’ ‘max’ to select format
  • Press “C/F” to confirm setting format setting and exit.
  • Under this mode, press “Mode” once to set following function one after one.
  • “C/F” Button:under measuring mode,press this button once to select temperature unit,press this button continuously to power on/off the alarm clock
  • “Min” Button : under measuring mode, press this button , the matter will display the main value.
  • ‘Max” Button : under measuring mode, press this button,t he meter will display the Max value.


Indoor Temp. Range -20~60 °C (-4~140°F)
Out Door Temp. Range -50 ~100 °C (-58~212°F)
Temp. Accuracy +1.0 °C
Temp. Resolution 0.1°C
Humidity Range 20%~99% RH
Humidity Accuracy +3%RH (50%~80%) , Others: +5%RH
Humidity Resolution 1%RH
Temp. Units °C/°F
Date Settable
Hour 24-Hours Format
Week Yes
Clock Yes
Comfort Level Indication Yes
Outdoor Yes
Indoor  & Outdoor Yes
Battery “AAA” 1.5V x 2
Operating Temp -20~60 °C (-4~140°F)
Storage Temp 40~60 °C (-4~140°F)
Operating Humidity 0%~90% RH
Storage Humidity ≤90% RH (Non- Condensation)



  • Don’t store operate the matter in high temperature or humidity.
  • Remove the battery when the matter is to be stored for a long time to avoid battery leakage.


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