Schroder GSM Weight Balance

৳ 13,500

Price 13,500.00 BDT
Warranty Period 1 year
Model GSM200
Stock Available
Origin Germany
Brand Schroder
Delivery Charge 200 bdt
Platter Size 100cm²
Max. Capacity 200g. 20000gsm

To simply and economically determine “per unit area” ( of textile knitting .or woven fabric and calculate the material costs. GSM Circular Cutter designed specifically to cut a precise 1 00cm2 (diameter 11 3mm) out circular specimen is used together with a high-precision Fabric Weight Balance to provide an accurate and easy for determining fabric weight in Grams per Square Meter (g/m2) or Ounces per Square Yard (oz/yd2) in off-shore markets. A specimen of 100cm2 ‘ is cut and placed on the balance which is switchable 1 from “g/m2” to “oz/yd2”.

Specifications :

Built-in fn~~r display ~~nitc 7 oz x 0.0005 oz, 590 oz/yd2 x 0.05 oz/yd2 Platform Size Completed With Plastic Wind Shield thick 12mm per piece – Stainless Steel Blades, Schroder GSM Circular Cutter Schroder Fabric Weight Balance ‘ewer Supply 1 12 VAC – 150mA Adapter or 6 x AA Batteries


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